Thursday, 17 January 2013

israel election fever

discussing politics with Y today.
Y 'oh good, i'm glad the elections are coming, time to get rid of netanyahu'.
Me 'why?'
Y 'oh i don;t know, i just don;t like him'
Me 'ok, well who do you like?'
Y 'what are the options?'
i began a rundown of each party's name & the name of it's leader (no description of politics at all). i got to bayit hayehudi, naftali bennet, and he said 'yes, vote for him'.
Me 'why?'
Y 'I like his name'


i'm really finding the elections here to be so much mroe interesting than elections in the UK ever were. today i found a pamphlet on the street (actually pamphlets all over hte street). in english it said:

"We have a mesorah from Rav Naftali Amsterdam (tztl, ty"a, etc) from his rebbe rav yisroel salanter (zt'l etc) and from his rebbe and his rebbe all the way back to eliyahu hanavi (no zt"l there) for the way to deal with the medina.
and we should know that this comes from teh sitra achara (the dark side) and we all must strengthen ourselvs to withstand it
and he said that anyone who does not participate in the elections is from 'the seven thousand who did not bow down to (the idol) ba'al' and so it is in the days before Moshiach."

the cynical may wonder how it was that rav salanter or indeed eliyahu hanavi knew that one should not vote in these elections. but the cynical would then be showing themselves up because clearly it was from ruach hakodesh.

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