Tuesday, 8 January 2013

yc entertainment

jan 8
yc got up this morning and said 'my nose isn;t pwoper'. i said 'you mean it's blocked?' 
he said 'i can put my finger in it, look'. i said 'um, yes'. 
he said ' i can take it out again also'.
yeah thanks

jan 7
Yesterday, yc said 'when i was in mechina (before chanukah) i turned 5. and now i'm in gan bati (the class we moved him to after chanukah) i'm 6'. M said 'no, you're still 5'. he said 'no, i'm 6'. i said 'you're still 5'. he said 'no, i'm 6'. my mother said 'you're still 5' he said 'no, i'm not, i'm 6 now!'.
i explaiend ot him that in mechina he had his party, and he turned 5, and he hasn;t had another birthday and party since then so he is still 5. he said 'no, today is my birthday, and i need a party, and i'm 6!'
sometimes there is just no arguing with a 5-year-old. or even with a 6-year-old. i told him that if he keeps saying it for long enough, then eventually it will be true.

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