Tuesday, 5 February 2013

the theology of tights (divine denier)

finally and sadly ripped my last pair of tesco tights today, so went off to explore the (surprisingly rich) world of tights shopping in RBS. all the thights and other wqomens under-garments are in a separate room in bazaar strauss (natch). i did see a man giving a furtive look around before entering there. yes i'm sure that he was only there filling an order from his wife. so it turns out there is a very wide range of tights, knee highs and thigh highs (no garters), and in all shades of brown, beige, black and oh yes vomit-coloured-bullet-proof. it felt like the place to go if you ever wished to give a visual presentation explaining the different charedi schools and allegiances in rbs ("this over here is beis yaakov. 40 denier, navy. this one is bnos something something, 70 denier and cream. etc"). i wonder if anyone has ever tried that

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