Wednesday, 24 April 2013

designer labels for the bigdei kehuna?

something i learnt from Shani Taragin yesterday which should delight all my fashionista and/or crafty sewing friends: the phrase 'חכמי לב - chochmei lev', used in describing the artisans who worked on the mishkan, refers to the women who did the sewing and weaving. Every time that the bigdei kehuna were created - and will be created - the women who wove and sewed them could (and did, and will again) choose what pattern to design for the skirt of the ephod and (i think) me'il. In the pictures, it is usually shown as a block squares pattern, but it could be anything!

What would you choose? Paisley? Herring-bone? Chevrons? I think not the double-C of chanel.

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