Thursday, 14 March 2013

just to prove my other children can be funny also - Y the other day 'oh, devarim! I don;t want to get into that! it's just moshe talking talking for the whole thing'.

and learning navi - yehoshua/joshua - with michali today, she was a bit fidgety and wanting to be elsewhere. i said 'the next bit's really cool'. she looked a little unconvinced. then we read the pasuk with the stones flling out the sky onto the emori. i said 'told you. you weren;t expecting barad there, were you?'. nope. and nor were they.

and...2 nights ago, M came downstairs half an hour after being put to bed saying she couldn;t sleep. ben said (jokingly) 'oh i get it, you want to do more pesach cleaning don;t you?' M nodded enthusaistically. so she cleaned out another cupboard nad went off to bed. balabusta in the making.

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