Sunday, 31 March 2013

pesach - all in one fell blogpost

march 31 - chol hamoed

returned hot and dusty and sweaty from the bat caves 3 hours before yomtov, with in laws staying + 2 extra guests, to discovert here is no electricity and hte shower isn;t working. it's all a test, it's all a test, it's all a test.
Ben has now found a very helpful neighbour who has fixed the electricity, with the caveat that we don;t yet know what iti s that keeps tripping the fuse. and i need that fridge-freezer!

earlier on march 31 - chol hamoed
we're at the bat cave. There are a lot of people and some sunbirds outside but no sign of Robin

march 29 (chol hamoed)

listening to the radio this morning, i heard two gems from the chief rabbi of holon (i think it was). First he was expounding on how chad paami stuff that is treated with some product which is absoultely not fit for a dog to eat, and so it totally does not at all ever not even by chumra need a hechsher. and he went on to say that even if the surface/coating would break up and bits get in the food, no misrad habriyut would ever permit this stuff to be eaten, so it's not a problem if it gets into the food.

maybe it's jsut me, but i thought that this was not entirely reassuring.

ok and then, a woman called in to ask something to do with kitniyot. and in the course of reassuring her, and insisting and emphasising jsut nhow much kitniyot is not chametz and cannot be sold with chametz because it is not chametz, he said that a sephardi is obligated to eat kitniyot, because if they don;t, then all that is left ot eat is matzah, and who can say if the matzah is really kosher?

march 28 - chol hamoed
Fantastic lovely day by Ein Hemed. beautiful surroundings, shallow stream for children to get grubby catching tadpoles, crusader fortress, and somewhat out-of-context, shows about robin hood and king arthur. it felt - a little discordant. but fun though.
it's been a busy couple of days. oh the many things to share! first off, i'm sure you are all agog to discover that our cockatiel is ashkenazi, as revealed by the fact that he has been eating mainly potatos and disdaining his sesame seeds.

march 27

had a wonderful day - spent an hour with Y & M sifting through archaeological rubble at Har Tzofim. We found bone (probably from korbanot in one of the mikdashim); byzantine-era fresco; a flint knife; loads of pottery shards; and who knows what all the stone tiles we found are from! extremely cool.

march 25 - erev pesach! 

note this year's new pesach craft - krias yam suf table runner.

march 21
i'm making stuffed courgettes. because life is too short to stuff a mushroom

 march 19

this fb post:
"rather odd request: we have totally mislaid a box of all our pesach china. I didn;t give or sell it to someone, did i?
Does anyone remember my selling or giving you a lot of white pesach china? please repond if so, i can;t think how i would have gotten rid of all our 24 settings of china, but we can;t find it anywhere."

was speedily followed by this one:
"Ok, never mind. it seems we did sell it. i just can;t remember why we did."

just in case you doubted that making aliyah can sometimes cause you to fail to pay enough attention to small but important details.

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