Wednesday, 13 March 2013

techias hameisim

Another piece of Torah which i have only now yunderstood after living here. In the gemara (taanis i think, but i can;t remember daf & amud), we are told that we can understand techias hameisim (resurrection of the dead) in some part by observing the way that a seed is planted, decomposes nd appears to be dead, and then revives when it rains. Truly, living in england this did not relaly impinge - it always rains, and so there is no real time of year when every thing looks dead and bare. but here for much of the year everything really is dead and bare, brown and grey and it looks like nothing is there and nothing is alive. And then it rains, and all of a sudden you discover that grass and plants and fruits and flowers were all there, all the time, but you couldn;t see them at all.
so only now do i actualy understand why the gemara uses this analogy for techias hameisim. so i suppose i also understand better, to some extent, how techias hameisim can possibly happen.
and i actually feel rather sad at facing the prospect of all the flowers and plants dying again as the summer heats up, of all the green withering away and disappearing.

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