Sunday, 17 March 2013

st patrick's day paddy

my very brave and just but slightly fool-hardy husband went to want was advertised as rav steinman speaking about something to do with the 'threat to charedim' (ie mainly the draft). in the event, r' steinman spoke on a video link up for 45 seconds.

BUT when ben came out, he found a small group of nutters (he thinks neturai karta nutters) holding posters and shouting something derogatory about rav steinman. then, a bunch of hotbloods came out of the rav steinman 'talk' and began to shout back, and try to take their posters and knock their shtreimels off. So my lovely and justice-loving husband got between the two groups to try to stop the riot. all by himself, i asked? oh no, there were a couple of other guys too.
he says the streimel-wearing nutters were not trying ot retaliate at all. Ben just shouted at them all to leave them alone, go off home, etc. Eventually, the yeshivish nutters herded the other nutters off down the street, and then the police turned up, so ben felt that he could leave it to them now.

Saturday night punch-up.

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