Tuesday, 5 March 2013

trying to explain to yc tonight about ashkenazim and sephardim (it's all because of kitniyot that it came up at all). i told him that after the romans destroyed the mikdash, Jews couldn;t live in eretz yisrael any more, we had to live in other countires which are not our home. he looked v puzzled and said 'but this family does'. so i told him that htat is because moshiach is nearly here and so jews can live in eretz yisrael again.
so then i told him that jews went to live in lots of different countries, like india and morocco and spain, and he asked what they speak in india, and was totally shocked that they don;t speak hebrew OR american.
once we got to the end of the ashkefardi debate, he said 'but Hashem doesn;t laugh'.
i said why? and he said 'becasue no one says funy things to Him. if people say funny things they don;t say them to Him so He never laughs'. i didn;t tell him that Hashem laughs whenever we plan.

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